We are committed to providing an exceptional educational experience for all users. This Fair Usage Policy outlines the guidelines and expectations for the use of our services to ensure fair access and the best possible experience for everyone.

Acceptable Use

Our service is designed to facilitate learning and educational growth. Users are expected to use the service for its intended purpose, which includes

  • Participating in classes, tutorials, and interactive sessions.
  • Accessing course materials, videos, and resources provided by instructors.
  • Collaborating with instructors and fellow students in a respectful manner.

Prohibited Activities

The following activities are strictly prohibited and violate our Fair Usage Policy

Unauthorized Access

Attempting to access or use our services without proper authorization.

Plagiarism and Cheating

We do not support engaging in plagiarism, cheating, or any form of academic dishonesty.

Copyright Violation

Uploading, sharing, or using copyrighted content without proper authorization.

Automated Acces

Using automated scripts, bots, or any form of automated access that could disrupt the service or harm other users.